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We provide dedicated professional services for your China sourcing endeavor. We develop integrated solutions in products sourcing, logistics, supply chain management, and import compliance.



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About This Site is a site dedicated to provide comprehensive information about China, a rapid growing country yet full of mysteries. There are two main categories of the information: business and travel. Business information include doing business in China, import from or export to China, product sourcing in China, Chinese cultures revealed, and China economy and its global impacts. Contained in the travel section are:  what you need to know when traveling to China, complete tour guide of major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an,  and how to find cheap travel services in China.


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Export to China

If you are starting a import business and plan to import Goods directly from China on directly, this section can provide you with some important  import business information.  As a part of "how to export import" series, this page describes basic import procedures, i.e., how to import from China. We at Amlink wish these "how to import" tips will help you succeed  in the import business that mainly focuses on China products. Contact us if you need further how to import information or in need of any assistances in the import procedures.


 How to Export Import - How to Import - General Import Procedures - Import Business


how to import export import business procedures Defining the products to import is key fact in success of a import business. We consider it a essential step in how to import procedures. The main consideration for the product is price advantages of import over domestic alternatives.

how to import export import business procedures Search for the products that have been selected for your import business. There are many resources may assist you to find the products that are ideal for import business. The internet can be a good place to start. There are thousands web directories or listing services related to the topic of import from China. You may register to these sites and post the products you are interested in, you will likely receive tons of responses from China manufacturers or exporters. There are several famous B2B export import business portals on the net, Alibaba and Global Sources are two examples. They usually only list those Chinese suppliers that have been verified to be real companies. These portals are proven to be great trade platform for import businesses. 

how to import export import business procedures As another important "how to import" procedure for an import business, we must emphasize the importance of establishing close relations with potential suppliers in China. You should select a few potential suppliers to communicate with and narrow down the ones that you really want to work with. To avoid wasting time, you should openly discuss prices, terms and other trade relations that can be critical for a import business. You should also obtain samples and review them, including their packaging, instructions and any other collaterals for quality assurance. You may expect to pay a nominal fee for the samples. Gather all necessary information to prepare for placing a trial import order. When placing the purchase order, make sure to include as many details as you can think of.

how to import export import business procedures Understanding trade terms and using them properly are also important for import business. Before placing any formal orders, you need to understand and confirm with your suppliers about sales, payment and shipment terms. Most popular terms in the export import business for are "FOB" and "CIF". These export import terms are closely related to your landing cost calculations and risk assessments. How to use the import terms could be complicated. How to balance cost saving and risk reduction can be tricky. You may want to consult with an import business consultant and a freight forwarder that has import business experiences for detail break-down on the costs and risks. You can also use an import business consultant to negotiate reasonable trade terms.

how to import export import business procedures Understanding how payment terms work is equally critical to an import business. The most commonly used payment term for a new import business is paying 30% at time of order and the remaining 70% when the product ships. The down payment gives the manufacturer/supplier funds necessary to begin production. These terms are negotiable.

how to import export import business procedures Its necessary for an import business to do homework on products compliance issues. You need to understand the relevant import compliance regulations beforehand. Besides US Customs and Border Protection, other government authorities like USDA, FDA, DOT, and ATF also regulate the importation. Pay particular attention when you import textile products from china. Go to the websites of these agencies to understand, register or download the forms. Compliance issues can be very complicated for some products. It is highly recommended to consult a good import business related customs house broker before placing an order.

how to import export import business procedures Selecting a forwarder and customs house broker is next step in the import procedures. Go to your local international trade organization/association and customs office to find a list. Visit them, and select the one you like. For the first time importer, use more individualized import business services, because you need more attention than you would expect in the process.

how to import export import business procedures Place a trial order with a written purchase order if everything goes well. In the purchase order, besides typing out a detailed description of the products and trade terms, list all needed shipping documents.

how to import export import business procedures As an optional step in how to import procedures, you may want to appoint an import business oriented inspection company if necessary to check your goods on site in the factory, and give you a detailed report. This is usually done a few days before the expected shipment, so you can address any issues that would be raised. This will allow you to avoid receiving defective or non-conforming goods that could be detrimental to your import business.

how to import export import business procedures Tracking the transportation and customs clearance status is a duty of the import business. Your forwarder and customs broker should take care of your transportation and customs clearance. However, you also need to track the process and provide assistance, such as providing additional products information and endorsing bill of landing. You need to issue a power of attorney to your broker and purchase customs bond for your importation. If your import business plans to order multiple shipment a years, annual customs bonds are available for purchase.

how to import export import business procedures Receive the products and keep the records. Now you can go to your next step to sell products and make profit.

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